Spiracle: /ˈspʌɪrək(ə)l/ noun ZOOLOGY an external respiratory opening, especially each of a number of pores on the body of an insect, or each of a pair of vestigial gill slits behind the eye of a cartilaginous fish.

A Collaoration with Rami Chaine



Commissioned by the Relief Center at University College London to embody the experience of living in Lebanon amidst the crises through, as part of their conference Working in Crisis: Innovations, Possibilities and Limitations of Research in a Volatile Lebanon.

The balloon revealed an expressive potential for inflation and deflation, its elasticity, and its relationship with breathing. Enacting a form of ritual, depicting the process of our transformation into neutral, immobile creatures who lose the independence of their decision while their possibilities of subsistence and the horizons of their aspirations become more and more limited.

Performers: Dima Mabsout and Rami Chahine
Videography: Mauricio Yazbeck
Editing, violin and voice: Dima Mabsout