Art Residency @ Reorientations

A Performance Series & Artist-run Residency by Aghili-Karlsson

Text about the Residency:

The project Reorientations is a performance series by the artist duo aghili/karlsson. In dialogue with the queer and postcolonial philosopher Sara Ahmed's ideas about points of orientation, situations and spatial commonalities are created that orient us away from prevailing hierarchical (and violent) interactions. In collaboration with the American urbanist Jess Myers, conditions are formulated for conversation and work around the concept of "regional solidarity" which stands in opposition to the dichotomy urban-rural.

Reorientations has its starting point in the publi c space of the rural areas of Södertälje county and is the initiation of a thematic artist-run residency program. For the first edition, four artists from Sweden, Sápmi, Lebanon and Mexico, who are interested in questions concerning decoloniality, farming and ritual performative practices, were invited to attend a residency at aghili/karlsson's studio and their garden.
The healing ritual was brought to a table, created by aghili/karlsson which were placed in (a) public space; nature reserves, fields and forests. At the table a performative conversation took place between the artist-in-residence and invited guests.

Reorientations is a continuation of the duo's work Safar – a performance series that revolves around utopian realities and takes invited guests and participants on a journey from central Stockholm to the duo's studio in the countryside outside Södertälje. Read more about Safar here

Reorientations is supported by Kulturrådet/Swedish Art Council, Konstnärsnämnden/The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Stockholm and in collaboration with Södertälje Konsthall.”

At the end of the residency, Dima invited people to join a walk from Södertälje to Hölö crossing the 25km distance from the urban to the rural. Throughout the day, they walked with intention - as a meditation, a pilgrimage, a performative practice - with several pauses to engage with different sites, landscapes and in between spaces as they revisit our relationship to home. The day ended with a dinner at the house, a bonfire and a closing ritual.

The conversation

Dima brought the experience of the walk to the table to open up a conversation about migration, our relationship to land, territory, and the relativity of distance between communities. What role do artistic practices have in reimagining and reshaping our relationships? We will build on Sara Ahmed’s thoughts on ‘re-orientations’, as well as the personal experience and backgrounds of those gathered around the table.

Reorientations / Dima Mabsout from aghili/karlsson on Vimeo.