We birthed Zayraqoun in 2019, during the Lebanese uprisings, from the collective will to explore new ways of co-creation, self organizations, sharing of resources.

We aim to create and innovate opportunities for closeness to people where we can rethink reality and relationships through transparency, music, movement, visual arts, circus arts, play experiences, puppets and strengthening our relationship with the earth.

Zayraqoun activates the right to emancipation of thought and body in an educational context and in public places through marches, performances, interventions and workshops.

Rehla Ila (Journey to).. Khabarkan
Street performance about bread, collapse and the need to redefine the ways in which we live. Part of the Sidewalks festival in Hamra, Beirut, December 2022.

Rehla Ila (Journey to).. Terdad
Street performance created from the collective memory of the explosion, in Beirut. Part of the Cultural Revival festival in August 2021

Rehla Ila (Journey to)..  
The first of a series of perfomance parades around the themes of nomadism, community and transformation. A work developed through a mentorship with Zoukak Theatre, December 2020.

Curriculum Development
In collaboration with Buzuruna Juzuruna farm and Jibal NGO, we participated in creating a nature based educational curriculum with children of the farm by implementing as facilitators and developing engaging and creative methodologies based on popular education philosophies.

Reforestation Project
A project I initiated to reforest a land to be used by the community, planting over 1000 native trees and shrubs and herbs of 48 different species. Made possible through a grant from Urgent Action Fund. 

We have collaborated with:
L’Esprit Libre alternative School in Hermel
SADA Playback Theatre in Tripoli
Zoukak Theatre company
Buzuruna Juzuruna Farm
Les Racides du Ciel Farm
Jibal NGO
Action for Hope
Catalytic Action
Bulaban Circus