Humbaba’s Womb: Mythologies of Fear

An ongoing research, supported by the Museum for the Displaced, that contemplates the imagination we nurture for possibilities of reconciliation with land.

“The Whipers of My Rock” is an interactive installation that invites the visitors to choose a rock and converse with it, as it guides them through a personal, mythological and political quest to find the protectors of land.

*The installation includes the short film, "The City's Hidden Excrements", documenting illegal sand extraction and raw sewage discharge on a shore in Lebanon, as a metaphor to the exploitation of our own nature.

Emancipaton of the Living / Emancipação do Vivente

curated by the Museum for the Displaced

showing from February 28th - June 3rd, 2023

in the Municipal Galleries of Almada and Lisbon, Portugal